Safety Precautions:

We are doing our best to keep you and our team safe. Safety is our number one priority so here are a few things being implemented:



Before the event, all stations and surfaces will be cleaned so you will be walking into a sanitized environment.

Our team is going to sanitize surfaces and wash hands frequently throughout the entire event.

We ask that you make use of sanitizing stations that we and our venue will have set up throughout different station.

We will enforce washing hands/ sanitizing hands before meals, etc.

Temperature Check:

Before you and our team members walk in, we will check temperatures with a forehead thermometer.


Masks are required for anyone entering the venue.

Masks are required to be worn throughout the entirety of the event.

Sneeze Guards:

Sneeze guards will be setup at all major stations

Sleeping Rooms:

For safety reasons, sleeping rooms will not be available during UGAHacks 6. Instead, we encourage hackers to return to their homes if they wish to sleep.

For hackers who are not from Athens, we’re working with local partners to secure discounted rates at hotels.


We will have police officers around to help us enforce everyone’s safety, including wearing masks and social distancing.


Logistical Areas:


Upon registration, you and 16 other hackers will be assigned to a group. Don't worry! You and your team will always be on the same group.

Hardware projects will have a special group for judging. If you/your team decide to do a hardware project, please indicate so during registration so we can place you in the appropriate group.

Groups will be called alphabetically to check in, get food, and be judged.

This is like zones for boarding a plane except if you miss your group, you can’t go during another group. You will be served last!


Check-in/ Registration:

Lines will follow social distancing rules.

Paw prints will indicate six feet distances to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

There will only be one person per paw print.

Sneeze guards will be set up at the desk to protect yourself and our team.



This will be the same process as Check-In/Registration.

We will be serving prepackaged food and it will be handled with gloves before reaching your hands.

While waiting in line, participants will follow social distancing and stand on designated paw prints.

We will have areas indoors assigned for eating but we will encourage you to eat outside in areas reserved for you, as long as the weather permits it.



All rooms for workshops will have socially distanced seats, a max capacity set on the room, and will be streamed online for your safety.

Once the max capacity for the room is met, no one else will be allowed inside to watch the workshop in person so we will advise you to watch the workshop virtually.



Sponsors at the event will also have sneeze guards set up and social distancing in place to protect them so watch those paw prints on the floor!

We will make sure that sponsors not at the event will have virtual accessibility.


Expo and Judging: 

During the competition, we will call two groups at once to the judging room.

There will be ten minutes allocated for each group of two.

If there is any need to set up prior to the presentation, we will let the Hardware group in first for set-up. Your team would have to request this time through our website.


The situation is very fluid and the UGAHacks team will continue to monitor the best practices from the University of Georgia, the Center of Disease Control, and the World Health Organization in order to safely conduct our event and we will update new policies as new guidance comes up.